In this course we'll give you the tools to:

  • Create Your Own "Perfect You Plan"

    Ditch diet dogma and learn how to start living a healthy, balanced, personalized life based on your body's needs.

  • Identify Problem Foods

    Through a 12 week elimination and reintroduction, you'll be able to figure out which foods are causing lingering symptoms.

  • Feel Healthy & Happy in Your Own Skin

    Make mindset shifts that will help you feel confident from the inside out.

  • Stop Feeling Guilty About Food

    We'll give you the tools to help you develop a healthy relationship with food, instead of one based on guilt, reward, and punishment.

  • Create a Workout Plan You Love

    There's no prescribed 30 minutes of daily cardio here. Instead, you'll design a workout plan that fits into your lifestyle, and that you actually enjoy.

  • Find Out How Much Rest & Water You Need

    Hone in on how much sleep and water your body needs each day, and learn how to get the most out of both.

Your Instructor

Cassy Joy Garcia

Cassy Joy Garcia is the Nutrition Consultant and creative force behind the brand Fed & Fit. At twenty-four years old, after years of fruitless dieting, Cassy found herself with extreme joint pain, fatigue, mental fog, and at her largest, most uncomfortable size. In an effort to learn more about why her health was declining, she took to nutrition research. After just one year of implementing her newfound wellness practices, she had lost ten dress sizes, lived pain-free, and experienced more energy than ever before. She helps others who, like her, have struggled with their weight and health achieve their goals without ever dieting again.

Ready to stop the diet cycle and start living your own Perfect You Plan?

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What You'll Get:

  • 16 Weeks of bi-weekly emails to guide you every step of the way

  • A 12-week food elimination program, followed by 4 weeks of reintroduction to create your "Perfect You Plan"

  • Access to our library filled with eBooks and additional resources to help you on your Project journey

  • Private Facebook group so you can connect with other participants


Here's what past participants have to say about The Project!

Whitney B.

I came out of the project more aware of my body and overall health. I was able to resolve a majority of my digestive issues, and found the support I needed to further research and address the rest. Additionally, and probably most importantly, I stopped obsessing about food, I stopped labeling food, and learned more about the science behind the food. I also learned the importance of a balanced meal, and how to incorporate drinking more water throughout the day, two things I had often struggled with. While weight loss was not a main goal of mine, I did lose around 5lbs, and felt more comfortable in my clothes and own skin.

Jennifer C.

During The Project, I finally stopped obsessing over food and glamorous meal planning. I started putting together a few recipes, but more importantly bought fresh ingredients I enjoyed eating and cooked simple meals that seemed more manageable and it worked! In addition to finding foods that worked, I found a fitness routine I loved. Having these two pieces fall into place motivated me to continue. After I was able to eat better, I was sleeping better. I was less stressed about my body and my health and inches started to come off - this was the first time in YEARS I had this happen. My wedding dress tailor even made the comment after my final fitting that I needed to "stop losing weight." I giggled and said "I'm not even trying," and it was true. I had not lost a ton of weight, but I had lost inches. Muscle was replacing fat, and overall I just felt great. In addition to physical changes, mentally I felt like I was in control. This has helped in so many ways - I have been able to manage stress at work in a healthy way, enjoy social engagements with friends knowing that a splurge here and there is not going to break me and everything I have accomplished. This may sound simple to so many, but it really is life changing for me.

Lauren Mastracco

I think that most of my results were non-scale, but were major changes! I loved that The Project promotes self love. I have done a bunch of other programs that are very similar (which connected me to Fed & Fit), but I have a lot of trouble with perfectionism and this taught me to be kind to myself and that I was on the journey to take care of myself and my body, not to follow a plan 100% of the time.